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chompeycoins    2013-11-15 18:31:34wez004, lot of idiots here si it might rise
4PMW    2013-11-15 18:31:34Right cashing out for now
goodspeed    2013-11-15 18:31:34Need testers or warehousing your fpga miners in florida/
koolio    2013-11-15 18:31:34btc rising
keesmeer    2013-11-15 18:31:34Bonertime is over following this chart.
finalmoney    2013-11-15 18:31:34ltc is last chance to get rich with cryptocurrency, last chance of lifetime to get really rich!
robzdc    2013-11-15 18:31:34is there a LTC Mining tutorial for dummies? ha
cycloid    2013-11-15 18:31:34tomorrow is full moon guys all bubbles have a panic sell right around full moon, just saying be prepared for a correction :)
agent725    2013-11-15 18:31:34rocca, Holding most in other crypto's. FTC is not really a favourite of mine, but I'll give the copycoin a chance, seeing that it is being marketed by a slew of fanboys. ;)
DirtRider    2013-11-15 18:31:34finalmoney, I suspect we'll have other chances.
BlitzStix    2013-11-15 18:31:35Anyone here in the market to buy a couple mining rigs? 3 7950 1 7970 3 6970. All sapphire brand. Message me and I'll give full specs to all componens( mobos, psu, ram, hdd/ssd, monitor, cpu)
halibit    2013-11-15 18:31:35But actually trading is more profitable and easy than mining, but somewhere have to start :)
keepthiscoupon    2013-11-15 18:31:35halibit: i went through a calculator and i'm only gonna be getting a profit of around 0.34 per day, i don't really think it's worth it
spncrhly    2013-11-15 18:32:31is btc gonna drop back below 400?
kneedrag    2013-11-15 18:32:31They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin
maximus561    2013-11-15 18:32:31spncrhly no
cwwang    2013-11-15 18:32:31Why is there a almost 30 days wait for withdraw of coins I just bought a few hours ago?
DirtRider    2013-11-15 18:32:31spncrhly, Maybe
cycloid    2013-11-15 18:32:31spncrhly, no doubt, question is when - iOS, android mining tracker app
chompeycoins    2013-11-15 18:32:31ive decided to spend my beermoney for bitcoins
agent725    2013-11-15 18:32:31kneedrag, May he rest in peace.
keesmeer    2013-11-15 18:32:31Bonertime is over following this chart.
cryptogiant    2013-11-15 18:32:31cwwang, never heard of this?
spncrhly    2013-11-15 18:32:31cycloid, well, when do you think?
kneedrag    2013-11-15 18:32:31LOL. so true.
bangzilla    2013-11-15 18:32:31kneedrag, jesus, you butchered that quote
DirtRider    2013-11-15 18:32:31cwwang, Because they need to make sure they don't get a charge back on your money
nagehmai    2013-11-15 18:32:31is yPool down?
tintminer    2013-11-15 18:32:31cwwang, you did something very wrong

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