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Be careful how you talk to the person with whom you are going to have a disagreement because you don’t want to hurt him or her and cause resentment towards you. At this time it is best to stay focused on recollecting your ideas and plans for the future and back up from work for a while. To avoid any further issues, avoid starting new projects before you make things even worse. If you had a dream about avoiding a tsunami or escaping from it, then you will be able to defeat all of your enemies and solve all of your troubles.

Sometimes we dream of being swept away in a Tsunami or losing our loved ones, and at times we suddenly wake up when a Tsunami is about to crash. Each circumstance reflects our state of emotions and an impending shift in life. Likewise, it would help if you remembered that dreams about tsunamis usually occur in different contexts.

The dream in which you watched the action of the force of nature warns of some difficulties. Do not overly exalt yourself above others, it can cause immense harm to your career. If you observe a tsunami passing by in your dream, such a dream is usually an indication of a big change taking place soon in your life. It can be changed in your personal life, as well as your professional life, which you have been waiting for a while. If you dreamed about surfing on a tsunami wave, such a dream is a good sign, it symbolizes your confidence to face whatever comes in your life.

It is a Japanese word that tsunami dream meaning “harbor wave” in English. A tsunami is the aftermath of an earthquake on land or a volcanic eruption underwater. It comes as a series of waves building higher and moving faster than anyone can imagine. The only way to avoid this disaster is by moving to a higher place where the water cannot reach you.

They are attracted to the positive aura you exude wherever you go. Repressed emotions are a sitting time bomb that may explode when you least expect it to. Join our newsletter and enrich your journey of self-discovery through dreams and myths. Sometimes all we have to do is let the storm pass away and destroy everything because, in the end, we will encounter new energy to rebuild everything from scratch. That is to say, you might get cut off from significant discussions at the workplace, and others might not value your opinion or understand your thoughts.

The dream encourages you to express your feelings and face the consequences- good or bad. Let it happen whatever is bound to happen, and give yourself some peace and mental relief. Often, a tsunami in a dream symbolizes a problem you have been ignoring. Or maybe you think you alone are incapable of tackling it. In the recent past, you could have been in an accident – such as drowning.

To keep all these emotions within yourself can be overwhelmingly difficult. Even if you cannot express your feelings explicitly, try to share them with someone you trust. If you are seeing the tsunami from above, you are connected with higher powers that can help those in need during difficult times.

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