Ford Adaptive Cruise Control Retrofit

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Systems with multiple sensors can practice sensor fusion to integrate the data to improve safety and/or driving experience. GPS data can inform the system of geographic features such as a freeway offramp. A camera system could notice driver behavior such as brake lights and/or a turn signal. This could allow the following car to interpret a turn signal by an exit as not requiring the following car to slow down, as the leading car will exit.

So you need to cut the two wires on the ABSCM harness and splice in the two cables that are coming from the ACCR. You can also patch the power and ground wires into the same ABSCM connector. Alternately, you can route them to the fuse panel under the dead man pedal and add a new fuse, but this is a lot of unnecessary work IMHO, as the ACCR takes very little power. See the attached wiring diagram for specific pins. I couldn’t find a Porsche wiring diagram, but it turns out the Q8 ACC wiring is identical to that on the 9Y0 Cayenne. ACC technology is regarded as a key component of future generations of intelligent cars.

When the lane ahead becomes clear, Active Cruise Control automatically increases your vehicle’s speed to your preferred cruising speed. Up to four different cruising speeds can be pre-programmed. A touch on the accelerator or brake pedal deactivates the system. Perhaps Mr. Zac hasnt ventured out of Aurangabad/Pune to our much recently developed National Highways leave alone expressways. These are the roads where you can pretty much use Adaptive Cruise Control and Steering assistance systems with their clear lane markings and one can munch miles without too much of an effort.

I tried getting in touch with owners of an AllSpace and they sent me pictures of their ACC Logo and I was almost under the impression that my Tiguan comes with the same logo. The Adaptive Cruise Control radar requires a Ceramic Logo to allow signal transmission and detect the vehicles and obstacles in the front. And it’s not just made of ceramic, but its also flat, like Captain America’s shield. It’s ridiculously awesome and I even shared a story on my Instagram account asking folks whether it was 2D or 3D and this Volkswagen Logo managed to deceive about 72% of the folks who felt it was 3D. I want to confirm that youre attempting an Adaptive Cruise Control Retrofit.

I have to say, that the interior quality of the padding and packing materials on this MQB CKD was top notch, with multiple layers of insulation for comfort in and around the firewall. Sadly, I was wrong and I needed a new set of buttons to support Adaptive Cruise, as trivial and counterintuitive as that sounds, and this was the last piece of the puzzle. I have an E71 LCI from 2013 that already has cruise with brake function so I am looking at adding this along with lane keep assist and a heated steering wheel. Radar sensors at the front of the vehicle permanently scan the road ahead. As your BMW approaches a slower vehicle, Active Cruise Control automatically reduces power output from the engine and gently applies the brakes, holding your BMW at a pre-defined distance to the vehicle ahead. Assuming you get all the right messages, the other ECUs in your car will handle the requested speed as necessary.

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