How Dragonfly Landscape Design Can Improve Your Front Yard

Amy/ May 4, 2021/ Home improvement/ 0 comments

Dragonfly Landscape Design is a full service landscape designing and implementation company located in Westhampton Beach, NY. I think that a good landscape begins with a great design. My husband was the developer of our home and his wife, at the time, was the landscape designer. We looked at many homes before we found the perfect one and we are really excited to be moving into our new home!

When we first looked at the house, we knew right away that we were drawn to the water and the beach scene, but we also knew that we wanted something a bit more “rural” for our yard. That’s when we found dragonfly landscape design NY. Our yard will only be a small fraction of the yard, but it will have a huge impact on how the rest of the neighborhood views it. Our goal was to find someone who could design an overall theme that would accentuate our home while also making it seem very natural and not “over the top.”

I know that some people might not like the idea of having a yard that’s more “real” looking than what they would usually get with traditional landscaping. However, that is how we feel at the moment. If we’re going to live in our new yard, we want to make sure that anyone who drives up or walks by has the feeling that everything is just as we imagined it. When we found Dragonfly Landscape Design NY, we were really impressed with the overall designs of all of the designs that were presented to us. When we got home, we started to really think about which of the many ideas presented to us we liked best.

After deciding on which concept we liked best, we contacted several landscape design companies in the area. A few of these companies had a portfolio of previous work that they could use as a background for the proposed design for our yard. The results were quite amazing. We ended up selecting three landscaping companies to do the work for us. Although we are still working out the kinks in our new yard, the entire process has been very enjoyable thus far.

After getting the quotes from the landscaping companies and comparing them to what we had in mind, we contacted Patrick. We asked him a few questions that we thought might be important. He answered with professionalism and a level head and was able to discuss all of the details of the job with us. That’s when we knew that he would be a great fit for the job.

After talking with Patrick and learning more about the job, we are more than excited to have the results. The landscaping company did a great job, too. Everything is going great, and we are looking forward to enjoying our front yard for years to come!

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