How Tesla Stock Made buzz in the last five years

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There are unique Strengths of Tesla at in the Automotive Market: Tesla isn’t the only automaker offering electric vehicles, but it has established and dominated the long-haul luxury electric vehicle market. This market is different from the cheap electric car market and the gasoline luxury car market. Steady Sales Growth: Tesla has grown rapidly in recent years, primarily due to public interest in its vehicles. Sales in 2015 increased by 27% from 59% the previous year.

Here is the Analysis of Tesla’s international market potential. To enter emerging markets, Tesla started selling cars in the Chinese market in August 2013. According to China Daily, MIIT reported sales of 83,900 electric vehicles in 2011. China auto sales show a total of 60,000 sales, but Tesla falls short of the estimate of 5,000. The car was only delivered in mid-2014. Unfortunately, the starting price of the car has increased from $ 71,000 to $ 121,000 due to China’s 25 per cent import duties, shipping costs, and other taxes.

China has a bigger market, but European infrastructure will be a more promising market in the near future. The tremendous growth was driven by strong global demand for the Model S. In the first quarter of 2016, orders for the Model X, introduced in the third quarter of 2015, gradually increased fivefold. Management plans to ship between 80,000 and 90,000 of these two brands in 2016. However, the new Model 3 has received a lot of attention in recent weeks. The car was first announced in March of this year at a much lower price of $ 35,000.

The Temporary fall in Tesla

Burning Cash was a problem for the company. This is mainly due to the company’s significant investment in research and development of vehicle conversion technology. Tesla Motors has attracted both retail investors and venture capitalists in various stages. -2006 Phase 3, $ 40 million for technology partners such as Google and eBay. -2007, 4th round, 45 million US dollars by individual investors. In May 2008, the site “Truth About Cars” announced the idea of ​​”Tesla’s Death Watch”. This is because Tesla Motors needed more money to improve performance.

We avoided bankruptcy and finally received the necessary investments in December 2008. Giga Factory has already started manufacturing battery cells and may make lithium batteries by the end of the year. Due to these high cash costs, Tesla has reported negative revenue and free cash flows almost every year since the IPO. As a result, Tesla was forced to increase debt and sell more shares. If you want to buy the stock of Amazon, you can check its income statement at before that.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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