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Whether you need to guard a large open area such as an educational facility or a dangerous site such as a warehouse or shipyard, our SIA-licensed mobile guards can deliver comprehensive coverage to sustain total security across your site. Whether you need to guard a big open area such as an educational facility or a dangerous site such as a warehouse or shipyard, our SIA-licensed mobile guards can deliver comprehensive coverage to sustain total security across your site. As a result of your impeccable service, Intrepid Protection has become our first choice when we require security services and I would have no hesitation in recommending you. With nearly three decades of experience and a professional, disciplined team of security experts on hand Carter Security is here to solve your security issues. Our Certification Tracking systems, equipment tracking systems, security clearance and safety tracking systems for scheduling accuracy. Additionally be responsible for coordinating mobile and following up with existing static/mobile guards.

All our guards are supported by a 24/7 control room that checks on their status and can be alerted to any incidents or emergencies. All our Security Guard Patrols are given additional training and our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards to ensure safety, and a reliable service. We also consider environmental issues, hence we are currently in the process of replacing our existing fleet of vehicle used by our Security Guard Patrols with the latest hybrid and LPG vehicles. To find out how you can increase security and reduce the costs of protecting your premises, contact us today for details of our free security audits and insight workshops. Consider how much impact it would have on your business if a key member of staff has responded to an alarm activation in the middle of the night and then has to be back in work first thing in the morning.

Our marked security patrol vehicles can cover vast and unsafe areas to ensure there’s nowhere for criminals to hide. Whilst we are able, we will remain operational as normal, with our teams active on site and our head office open. We are advising our team members on government updates, advice and guidelines daily, if you should require any further information please contact us. We are all unsure of the potential impacts of COVID-19 however if required we have a business continuity plan in place whereby individual contacts will remain available by mobile phone and email. Our main phone lines will be diverted if necessary to ensure the business remains operational. Dardan provides mobile and static security services, security intelligence, technology solutions and security consulting to some of the biggest brands in the UK.

Our mobile security patrols London can perform random mobile patrols to give you an increased security presence to protect your property for when static, manned guarding is either not appropriate or cost prohibitive. At 1st Class Protection, we ensure that our mobile patrol security officers receive comprehensive on and off-site training to make sure they will be able to handle any situation. Standard operating procedures are also established to create internal standards which must be adhered to.

Our professionals work across London and the UK, and will work closely with you to create a bespoke security solution. We’ve also provided mobile patrol services to large and small corporations, hospitals, schools, construction sites, warehouses, distribution centres and logistics depots. Furthermore, each of our fully licensed attending mobile patrol officers will survey all the areas that have been pre-agreed as part of your contract with SFM. Reporting their findings and implement the best course of action to eliminate any issues on the premises. Our home security patrol in London can be the custodians to a set of your keys, attending your business or property upon an alarm activation on your behalf; keeping you or your staff out of harm’s way. We can also conduct opening up and shutting down procedures at your business, mitigating any threat and risks posed to you or your staff.

In addition to that, it is economical to have a mobile security patrol guard instead of multiple static guards and thus, there is a steeping rise in the demand for mobile patrol security. You may need a mobile security guardto lock up and unlock your site and perform health and safety checks but have no need for them for the rest of the day. Or you might want a mobile security guard to patrol your site a few times a night to make sure that everything is in order and to deter any criminals that may be planning to break in. This service best suits businesses looking to maintain a high level of security and safety at their premises or site, but who do not always have the requirement for a static security officer.

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