The 8 Best Stress Balls for Stress Relief in 2022

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Somewhat similarly, a separate study from 2018 found that neither using a stress ball, nor holding someone’s hand improved patients’ stress levels. A 2018 clinical trial involving 135 people with skin cancer found that hand squeezing or squeezing a stress ball didn’t do much to alleviate pain or anxiety during skin cancer removal surgery. This 12-pack of water bead stress balls is great if you’re looking for a specific gel-like feel. The easy-to-clean balls are also small enough for children’s hands (though the product isn’t recommended for children younger than 3 years).

They are made from thermoplastic rubber and are designed to strengthen muscles while simultaneously easing joint pain and carpal tunnel pain. There are several different types of stress balls that originate from many different countries. The most common type of stress ball in America is the “”bean bag”” type, commonly known as a “”Hacky Sack””.

These stress balls are handmade and filled with dried lavender flowers. They can be smelled, squeezed, and even tossed around in the air due to their lightweight and soft texture. Patrick Hummel is widely understood to have created the stress ball in central Indiana in the mid-1980s.

Some are molded in amusing shapes, and pad- or transfer-printed with corporate logos. They may be presented to employees and clients of companies as promotional gifts. Because of the many non-spherical shapes now available, stress balls are generically known as stress relievers. Colorful stress balls and stress toys also make excellent party favors and gifts. Shop by color or theme and find everything you need to complement your party décor. you can try this out

It is important to make sure a stress ball is made of durable materials to ensure lasting tension and resistance. A stress ball is not beneficial if it goes flat or becomes too soft. The materials should feel comfortable and soothing rather than sticky or slippery. Heat or temperature therapy is designed to improve blood flow and circulation—soothing discomfort and easing muscle pain.

Bubble wraps are great, but why wait for them when you can have something similar at hand all through the year? With Target’s range of fidget spinners and other sensory games, you can relieve some stress any time, any where! Be it soft rattles & Beyblades for the kids or a stress-relief spinner for you, find just the toys to engage your senses. Pick from a wide range that includes a Captain America spinner, Rick & Kirby squishies and art impression boards.

Give away Astronaut Stress Toys for a space-themed party and Cowboy Stress Toys for a western theme. Mini Patriotic Heart Stress Toys are ideal for the Fourth of July, and there’s dozens more holiday themes, including toys for Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Halloween and more. Find stress relievers that fit your company’s atmosphere and hand them out to each cubicle. Dollar Sign Stress Toys could remind everyone to keep an eye on the bottom line, and Goofy Smile Face Stress Balls and Goofy Character Stress Toys will bring smiles to all of your co-workers’ faces. Pig Football Stress Balls are pink and adorable, and they make awesome off-the-wall office gifts. If you’re looking for a little extra motivation along with stress relief, try the Watercolor Stress Balls, which feature bright colors and inspiring messages.

“One of the easiest ways to create an at-home stress ball is to put corn starch, uncooked rice, or sand into a balloon,” Gallucci says. “Using sand or cornstarch will make it softer when you squeeze, and rice will give the stress ball more texture—it’s a personal preference.” Purdy adds that you can also fill a balloon with flour. Here’s what the science says about this handheld stress relief tool.

In conjunction with the movements used to squeeze a stress ball, the temperature may provide a multi-dimensional approach to physical therapy practices. Woman hand holding stress ball feels stressed and nervous or… You could also take a sock and fill it with uncooked rice, sand, dried peas or lentils, then either tie a knot at the opening of the sock or close it up with a tight, sturdy rubber band. This will be a slightly firmer and less squishy version of a stress ball, but it will certainly get the job done. It’s also possible to make a DIY stress ball using items found in your own home.

Whether you need to vent, let out aggression, or keep both hands busy at once (it’s 5-inch diameter is big enough to keep both hands occupied), this is a great option. The rainbow colors are bright and uplifting and this stress ball is easily cleaned if it gets dirty from use. Combine a positive affirmation with a physical outlet for a double dose of stress relief. Sold as a pack of three, these stress balls come with happy quotes written on them to help shift your thoughts from stress to positivity. Made from polyurethane foam and available in four different color options, this is a durable and anxiety-relieving option.

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