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YouTube Video and audio Downloader are basically a YouTube video and extraction tool and downloader for the Mozilla Firefox Portable users. With this wonderful add-on, one can easily get all the popular video clips from YouTube in the compressed format. One just need to have a high speed internet connection and a portable computer to be able to run the video and audio downloads program. YouTube Video and Audio Extractor is an excellent downloader which supports both download and play of all sorts of YouTube videos for FREE. Let us know more information about

You don’t have to look for a specific website to download your favorite videos from YouTube. This free download add-on will search a huge database of videos. The main advantage of using this wonderful add-on is that it gives you instant access to any sort of YouTube video. Just run the Video and audio Downloader and it will display the list of all the videos available on YouTube.

It is an easy process to start downloading from YouTube using Video and audio Downloader. It displays a list of the top 100 most viewed videos on YouTube. The user has to choose a video to download by selecting its title and choosing a location on the web where the video can be found. The video downloaded from Video and audio Downloader will be saved in the current location. The user can also choose a compression method, quality settings and other options during the selection of a video to be downloaded.

Advanced users may select the option to download the selected video using the built-in or external flash drive. Advanced users may also set a time and date for downloading the videos. Users can also set a limit for downloading audio and video. Advanced users can also schedule the downloading of videos so that they are not missed.

It supports the latest technology of downloading videos such as flash video and flat format. You may convert flv to html and may convert flat to pdf. Video and audio downloads are easy to use with its various features. It will easily transport and save your videos into different formats. The advanced Video and audio Downloader provide ease of navigation for both the users and help in saving time.

Advanced version of Video and audio downloads will easily convert any video or audio format such as file to PDF, flv to RAR and many more. Its unique Features provide easy ways to convert videos and audio files to your desired format. You may also store the converted files for future use. Video and audio downloads are safe and easy to use. For advanced users, it is recommended to download the trial version of Video and audio Downloader to see if it can meet your needs before purchasing the full version.

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