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A web hosting service is an online type of Internet hosting facility that enables people and organizations to create their own website accessible through the World Wide Web, in much the same way as if they were setting up a physical brick-and-mortar office. A web hosting company offers several types of hosting services, such as shared, reseller, dedicated, managed, and home servers. This article briefly goes over what web hosting is and what options are available for those who wish to host their own site.

Web hosting companies usually offer domain name registration as well as the tools necessary to operate a personal web page. Some hosts also offer technical support, although this option is usually only offered to experienced users or to hosts who have purchased and managed their own servers. The primary reason for using web hosting is to give you the ability to publish your own website and to gain website traffic. Click here for more information about best web hosting in bangladesh

Shared web hosting involves a number of websites on one server. This type of service usually provides you with an account set up to allow you to make a direct connection to other websites. This type of service usually provides you with your own web address, which is forwarded to your host’s server. You may also be able to rent a server from your web hosting company, although you will not have your own domain name or have total control over the content or design of your websites. Shared hosting is ideal for small businesses or websites that require minimal bandwidth and have very limited databases.

Reseller web hosting plans are typically purchased by individuals who operate several websites on the Internet. Resellers buy space on servers offered by web hosts at a discounted price and then lease out the space on their servers to customers. The reseller maintains the servers and has the authority to change the terms of the rental contract. This type of service is ideal for people who have websites that require consistent high-volume traffic, but whose revenues are insufficient to justify purchasing their own servers.

Self-managed hosting involves taking control of your web hosting accounts via a control panel interface. Individuals choose to purchase this type of service when they cannot manage their own server accounts. They will usually have to enter payment information, change passwords, and access the control panel. Self-managed hosting providers may not provide a dedicated IP address or other valuable services.

Some web hosting options are offered to individuals by local computer companies. The local computer company will provide a web server that the individual leases. These companies usually offer their services in different price ranges and support different operating systems. You will typically need to provide your own domain name, set up a hosting account, and enter your credit card information. Self-managed web hosting options may not provide as much flexibility as managed services, but they are usually much less expensive.

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