Why Choose Fortnite Accounts?

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If you are a Fortnite fanatic and have multiple accounts at different websites, then merging them into a single portal can be very helpful to your gaming experience. How to merge Fortnite accounts is not a complicated process. The process is made easier if you know what you are doing.

How to merge Fortnite accounts is pretty simple. Before you begin with the procedure, you have to do is ensure that the particular account which you want to join is following the rules and guidelines of the Epic Games portal and comply with all the Epic Games policies listed in their website. Once you have accomplished this, you now need to have at least two accounts which consist of the main account and another secondary account for any future transactions. One of the steps is to copy the important information about your Fortnite account like the user name, password, email id, etc. The next step is to open the portal of Epic Games and log into the game.

If you are not ready with the details or you are not able to recognize certain things while using the portal, you can directly ask for help from the technical support personnel. They can provide you all the information and guidance that you require in this regard. You can now proceed to the main Fortnite account page and the next step is to click on the ‘merge’ button present near the main navigation bar. A message may also appear on the screen prompting you to confirm whether you want to close all the other Fortnite accounts as well. Click here for more information about buy Fortnite account¬†.

After clicking on the option, all the accounts related to the main account will be automatically synchronized. This provides convenience to users as they can maintain the various tasks simultaneously by accessing the various portals. The process of merging the Fortnite accounts begins by logging into the Epic Battle Royal account portal and then choosing the main page. The interface provided here is clean and simple, which makes it easier to choose skins. You can also find information regarding the types of skins available in the market along with their costs and details about various kinds of quests and battles.

The benefits of availing Skins include a wide range of options including customizing your character according to your wishes and enhancing the performance by spending some time playing different modes. The Fortnite Battle Pass enables you to play for one hour for free then choose the Fortnite account page and register for an account. The benefits of the Battle Pass include unlimited access to all eight Fortnite slots for one whole month. You can also purchase additional Battle Passes for additional daily free slots.

While purchasing the Fortnite account, select the desired location where you would like to play. You will find that there are two portals by which you can get access to these games including the e-store and the portals where you can buy accounts. You can buy accounts from the e-store, which is more convenient as you can pay using credit/debit card or even use the e Wallet option provided for online transactions. The advantage of buying the Fortnite account in the e-store is that it offers a large number of Fortnite skins at lower rates. You can also find rarer skins in this store.

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